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大学英语读写4:谁能给我新视野大学英语 读写教程 第四册的课文翻译?

小编:求新策略大学英语读写教程4课后答案 Keys to Unit 3 Main Reading: Vocabulary in Context 332212 I. Reading Comprehension A. TFFTTFFF B. II. Vocabulary A. 1. put up with 2. take a vow 3. look forward to 4. turnabout 5. settle for


  Keys to Unit 3
Main Reading:
Vocabulary in Context
I. Reading Comprehension
II. Vocabulary
A. 1. put up with
2. take a vow
3. look forward to
4. turnabout
5. settle for
6. hold back
7. go for
8. in case of
9. end up
10. enlist
1. take a vow
5. ended up held back go for put up with
6. enlisted
7. in case of
8. settle for
Reading Skills
Exercise 1
a. example
b. cause and effect
c. example
d. comparision and contrast
Related Reading:
Reading Comprehension
You’d better reflect upon your own blunder before proceeding to correct other's flaw.
Tourists in the northern Italian city of Vformer inn.
到意大利北部城市维罗纳观光的游客都会去观赏朱丽叶故宅,其实,那儿先前只是个小旅店。 At board meetings you have to 插手董事会议必须习性那些古板的语言。
You\'d better have a map 你优良带上地图,省得在城里迷了路。 Cloze
1. C
6. C
16.B 2. B 3. A 8. D 13.C 18.C 4. B 9. B 14.B 5. D 10.A 15.A 20.C 7. B 12.D 17.D 19.C
Writing Skills

2. 校阅:
1. 课文第56页 第二段 倒数第二行 hight 改为 height
2. 课后练习第61页 vocabulary第5个阐释 inconsistent with 改为in accordance with
Keys to Unit 4
Vocabulary in Context
1 2 2 1 2 3 3 3
Main Reading
1. be familiar with
2. in turn
3. be proportional to
4. by means of
5. according to
6. be/get embroiled in
7. all but
8. meet the need for
9. supplant… for
10. couple… with
1. John and Peter were quarreling, but Mary refused to get embroiled in it.
2. According to our records, the books you have borrowed should now be returned to the library. 根据我们的记述,你借的书当前应该退还图书馆了。
3. I bought a house by means of housing mortgage.
4. Our technical department may be familiar with the problem.
5. Learning is directly proportional to the amount of fun you have.
6. It was all but impossible to climb back into the boat.
7. We continually improve manufacturing technology and offer new product to meet the need of customers.
8. Exercises coup












  Unit 8
Section A
1. cautiously 2. bribing 3. disapprove 4. tendency 5. permanent
6. depression 7. fragrance 8. guarantee 9. exclusively 10. generously
IV. .
1. peering at 2. be broken off 3. disapproved of 4. prop up 5. In the main
6. in company with 7. in that 8. pay the price 9. belong to 10. more or less
1. L 2.O3. H 4. D 5.1 6. E 7. N 8. K 9. G 10. B
Collocation<br />VI.
1 .plans 2. lifestyle 3. fact 4. policies 5. rules
6. concentration 7. world 8. voice 9. inheritance 10. content
Word Building
1. devalued 2. demobilized 3. deregulated 4. decentralized
5. destabilizing 6. depersonalized 7. de-emphasize 8. decoded
1. retirees 2. interviewees 3. trainee 4. employees
5. escapees 6. addressee 7. devotee 8. divorcee
sentence structure
1. I know she isn't really interested in window-shopping, but she doesn't mind waiting while I have a
2. If people don't mind my not having a degree, I could give a few music lessons!
3. People don't mind paying a lot more for good software because they can see the benefits of using it.
4.1 don't mind if people perceive me as arrogant. You need certain degree of it to succeed.
5. We don't mind if it takes time for people to express their hopes, goals, fears, and needs in their
1. No friends came to see her; she shut herself off, in the old familiar world of bedroom and drawing
2. No cigarette end could give us any clue to or sign of anyone having ever been there.
3. No gas, no water and no electricity in the hospital! How could you expect the children to survive
4. No other information is given about the book itself, although there is a brief biographical, note about
the writer.
5. No effort has been made to investigate the "disappearances" that have occurred over the past three
1. 1 don't mind his staying out so late as long as he behaves himself.
2. 1 prefer his plan to others in that I think no plan is more practical than his.
3. They broke off business relations with that company as it suffered huge losses in the last fiscal year
and went bankrupt.
4. Now that you don't like him, why did you invite him to your birthday party in the first place?
5. Though we knew our chances to win were slim, we were more or less depressed when we lost in the
6. Perhaps this was the price that has to be paid for progress-who knows?


1. For all the concept of the theme park closely based on the original Magic Kingdom in California and Walt Disney World in Florida, Euro Disneyland will be unique in a manner appropriate to its European home.
2. For all its American name, the theme park looked European.
3. For all the high attendance levels, the company sustained a net loss for the financial year.
4. For all the changes, the prime emphasis in the retail market, so far as movies are concerned, still seems to be on the past, and predominantly on the mainstream Hollywood past.
5. For all sharp criticism of it, the article was widely read and well appreciated.

1. He was compelled to spend most of the time talking to Mrs. Harlowe rather than to her daughter.
2. I believe it is important to invest in new machinery rather than to deposit the money in bank.
3. We ought to check up the results of the research project rather than just accept what he says.
4. He always prefers starting early and making necessary preparations rather than leaving everything to the last minute.
5. It ought to be your boss to sign the contract rather than you.


1. They smiled almost continuously, no matter what was said.
2. I told him to report to me after the job was completed, no matter how late it was.
3. No matter where you go, you’ll findCoca-Cola.
4. No matter when you die, whether you’re a hundred and twenty or whatever, you can get the sum that you’re assured of according to the legal document.
5. He is a very skilled and brilliant player and also a proper gentleman on the tennis court. No matter whom he plays with, whether a low ranked or high ranked player, he has great respect for them.

1. So advanced was his method that no one could match him.
2. So rapid is the rate of progress that advance seems to be following on almost a monthly basis.
3. So successful was he that offers flowed in from publishers and editors on both sides of the Atlantic.
4. So effective was their network that workers were able to organize two unusual nationwide protests.
5. So serious was the famine that the United Nations sent food and water supplies to the area.


  谁能给我新视野大学英语 读写教程 第四册的课文翻译?

The plant does not grow well in soils other than the one in which it has been developed.
2. 斟酌后果说明,无论我们白天做什么,晚上都会做大略两个小时的梦。
Research findings show that we spend about two hours dreaming every night, no matter what we
may have done during the day.
3. 有些人常常申斥旁人不曾尽最大努力,以此来为自己的失败辩白。
Some people tend to justify their failure by blaming others for not trying their best.
We remain tree to our commitment: Whatever we promised to do; we would do it.
Even Beethoven's father discounted the possibility that his son would one day become the greatest musician in the world. The same is true of Edison, who seemed to his teacher to be quite dull.
They were accused by authorities of threatening the state security.
If the characters in this comedy had been more humorous, it would have attracted a larger audience.
2. 她从未对自己的实力错过决计,所以她有或许成为一名胜利的演员。
She has never lost faith in her own ability, so it is a possibility for her to become a successful actress.
3. 我从未受过正式培训,我只是边干边学。
I never had formal training, I just learned as I went along.
As their products find their way into the international market, their brand is gaining in popularity.
5. 她能够捏造一个故事,说自己被窃贼大昏,所有的钱都没了,但她可疑自己是否能让这故事听起来信任。
She could make up a story by saying she was knocked unconscious by thieves and that all her money was gone, but she doubted whether she could make it sound believable.
6. 谁都不明白他是否蓄意推后了这次拜会,可是这引起了对他更多的批驳。
No one was certain whether he postponed the visit on purpose, but this brought more criticism of him.
1. 据报道有七八位官僚收受贿赂,市长定夺亲身出马调查这件事。
Seven or eight officials are reported to have taken bribes and the mayor has decided to look into the affair in person.
2. 这些工人懊悔当初领受管教部门的意见重新回去工作。当前他们再次面临失业的风险了。
These workers regret yielding to the management's advice and going back to work. Now they are again faced with the threat of losing their jobs.
3. 你只需填写一张表格就可去的会员资格,他能够是你在卖东西时纳福打折的优惠。
You only need to fill out a form to get your membership, which entitles you to a discount on goods.
Their car broke down halfway for no reason. As a result they arrived three hours later than they had planned.
5. 那位官僚卷入一场丑闻,数周后被迫卸任。
The official got involved in a scandal and was forced to resign weeks later.
6. 这个靠救济过日期的人初步慢慢地缔造起自己的市场,买卖日渐鼎盛。
The man living on welfare began to build up his own market, one step at a time and his business is thriving.
Rather than invest in my education, my parents spent their money on a new house.
Today, people are spending twice as much on entertainment and relaxation as they did in the past.
In order to be successful, a business must keep pace with developments in the marketplace.
Her fluency in English gave her an advantage over other girls for the job.
For students, nowhere is better than the library, where all the books are at their disposal.
We should make full use of the platform to strengthen communication, expand cooperation in more areas and seek further development through joint efforts.
1. 这个小个子男人并不如他看上去那么纯真。
This little man is not so innocent as he appears.
2. 对于这问题我已经束手无策了,所以你不妨去求援与王传授。
There's nothing I can do about the problem, so you might as well turn to Professor Wang for help.
3. 两方高度评价了在不同疆土协作获取的结果。并巴望协作进一步加强。
Both sides speak highly of the fruits in their cooperation in different areas, and hope that the
cooperation can be furthered.
4. 一方面,亲民形象能使新政策更易于被人民领受,另一方面,他也能广直言之路,启进善之门。
On the one hand, an image of being close to the people can get a new policy more easily accepted. On the other hand, it will "encourage people to speak their minds and come up with constructive suggestions".
5. 他孤寂的感受时起时落 ,他有时会对自己,对宠物,对电视机唠叨不休。
His sense of loneliness rose and fell and he sometimes would talk at length to himself and his pets and the television.
6. 终归,金钱不是万能的,最丰饶的人不是最幸福的。
After all, money is not everything. The richest people are not necessarily the happiest.
.Suppose you found out that your colleague takes bribes, would you just ignore it?
We've given up on him because he is so stubborn. It is pointless to argue with him.
He hit upon a good method to speed up the progress of the experiment, but opinions differed among members of the group on it.
4. 今天我能够使自己的工作与兴致吻合,之前我是做不到的。
Today I'm able to square my profession with my interest, which I wasn't able to do before.
The ability to visually distinguish between red and green is essential to becoming a driver.
The team consisted of seven people who met on a regular basis to share their information with each other.
In the process of creating the genetic map, these scientists realized that cooperation was more than an attractive option; it was a responsibility.
2. 他们的斟酌斟酌发觉简直是个奇事,由于他们的发觉,人们对基因的历史有了新的探听。
Their research findings were nothing less than a miracle. As a result of their findings, new light has been shed on the history of human genes.
3。原形上勤劳加办法得当才智使你在学习上比旁人有优势。 4. 法官说这种处罚将起到粉身碎骨的作用。
The judge said the punishment would serve as a warning to others.
5. 沾染的风险只限于那些与病人有亲密往来的人。
The risk of infection is confined to those who have close contact with the patients.
From such an analysis we are in a better position to understand what has happened and what to do
about it.
1. 要他守法度,我不在意他晚上在外边呆多久么晚。
I don't mind his staying out so late as long as he behaves himself.
2. 与其他计划相比,我更酷爱他的计划,因为我觉得不曾任何一个计划比他的计划更的确。
I prefer his plan to others in that I think no plan is more practical than his.
3. 他们与那家公司中断了买卖往来,因为那家公司上一个财政年度消费繁重,已经破产了。
They broke off business relations with that company as it suffered huge losses in the last fiscal year and went bankrupt.
4. 既是你不酷爱他,当初为什么还邀请插手你的生日晚会呢?
Now that you don't like him, why did you invite him to your birthday party in the first place?
5. 诚然获悉战胜的或许性不大,但竞赛失败后,我们多少还是有点懊丧。
Though we knew our chances to win were slim, we were more or less depressed when we lost in the game.
6. 或许这是为长进而交出的代价,谁获悉呢?
Perhaps this was the price that has to be paid for progress-who knows?
1. 尽管他们做出了宏大的努力,但当前为止,博物馆每天的观赏者人很少。
For all their great efforts, the museum's daily attendance has so far still been very low.
In response to criticism by government inspector, the company changed some of its practices rather than gave up its rules.
The police warned passengers against putting money and precious things in bags lest they should be stolen.
4. 调查专注于父母和孩子如何看待学校合意他们必要的那些窍门。
Surveys ought to focus on how parents and children perceive the way in which the school satisfies their needs.
In a flash ,Tess changed from an innocent girl to a mature and well-educated woman。
I can confirm that 200 new trains are being manufactured and that the first of those trains will come into service in May this year
No matter how high your IQ is, your view is limited by the experience you have had and so you should learn to incorporate the useful perspectives of others.
So interesting was the game that none of them took note of passage of time.
I’ve been sorting through these old documents to see which are useful and which can be thrown away.
As you get older you should reflect on future plans.
5. 他在演出中的亮相简直是个轰动。
His appearance in the show was nothing less than a sensation.
6. 他们每个月都从工资中留出一笔钱,用于孩子未来的教导。
Every month they set aside a particular amount of money from their salary for the sake of their kid’s education in the future.




  新视野大学英语1(第二版)读写教程答案 1-4单元的

  新视野大学英语第二版读写教程第一册答案 新视野大学英语( 新视野大学英语(第 2 版)第 1 册
Unit 1 答案 III.
1. rewarding
2. communicate
3. access
4. embarrassing
5. positive
6. commitment
7. virtual
8. benefits
9. minimum
10. opportunities
1. up
2. into
3. from
4. with
5. to
6. up
7. of
8. in
9. for
1.G 2.B 3.E 4.I 5.H 6.K 7.M 8.O 9.F 10.C
Sentence Structure VI.
1. Universities in the east are better equipped, while those in the west are relatively poor.
2. AllanClark kept talking the price up, while Wilkinson kept knocking it down.
3. The husband spent allhis money drinking, whilehis wife saved all hers for the family.
4. Some guests spoke pleasantly and behaved politely, while others wee insulting and impolite.
5. OutwardlySara was friendly towards all those concerned, while inwardly she was angry.
VII. 1. Not only did Mr. Smith learn the Chinese language, but he also bridged thegap betweenhis culture and ours.
2. Not only did we learn the technology through the online course, but we also learned to communicate with friends in English.
3. Not only did we lose all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives.
4. Not only do the workers want a pay increase, but they also want reduced working hours.
5. Not only is the house expensive, but it is also too far away from my company. Translation VIII. 1. Not only can students choose when and where to learn for an online course, but they can also take time to think through answers before making a reply.
2. She is excited by the idea of online learning while be considers it meaningless and useless.
3. Communicating with native English speakers is a very rewarding experience from which we can learn a lot.
4. Today, more and more people have access to the Internet through which they look for the information they need.
5. He wants her to give up working and stay home to look after the children. Shefeels, however, that this is too much for her.
6. Now that we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work. IX.
1. 我永远都不会忘记那位老师,是他告诉我学外语是有趣的、有价值的。如果没有他,我的英语说得不会 像现在这样好。
2 没有任何其他语言能像英语那样让你感受到多姿多彩的世界文化。有了过硬的英语知识,你就可以体验 奇妙的文化之旅。
3. 写作不仅仅要写老师布置的话题,而且要写自己感兴趣的东西,例如,给朋友写电子邮件。
5. 英语不但是世界上最有用的语言,也是世界上最易学、易用的语言之一。 6远程教学课程在时间安排上给予学生更多的自由, 但与其他课程比, 这些课程要求学生有更强的自律能力。

Cloze 1. B 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C 6,C 7.B 8.A 9.a 10.B 11.A 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.B

Structured Writing XII. I am proud to say that I succeeded in learning a foreign language. It was a real challenge and,needless to say, it took a lot of practice. I carried a small dictionary with me everywhere I went as well as a notebook in which I listed new words I came across. I also managed my time carefully so that Imet the standards of the course and finished assignments on time. After years of persistence, I reaped the benefits of all my hard work.

Section B Reading Skills 1. 1.C 2.B 3.D 4. A 5. B

Comprehension of the Text II. 1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.D 6.B 7.C 8.D

Vocabulary 1. community 2. effective 3. unique 4. committed 5. reinforce 6. perspective 7. explicit 8. challenge 9. hindered 10. arose


  大学英语读写4:谁能给我新视野大学英语 读写教程 第四册的课文翻译?